Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Pale Rider Strikes Back

On yet another incredible day, Friday the 15th of July, the Pale Rider ventured to Brooklyn for pizza and fun. He found both of those things and more.

The intended food target was Lucali's, a pizza parlor that's only been in business for 5 years or so, but has already become legendary in these parts. The pizza at Lucali's was scrumptious, and the waitress could not refrain from lavishing the pale rider with compliments. "You're a handsome man - tall, pale and mysterious," she said. "Yes," the Pale Rider answered.

Afterward, the Pale Rider and his companions took a stroll over to the Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, an old-time ice cream shoppe. Yes, shoppe. The Pale Rider was intending to get an egg cream, of which he has heard much about. Yet a man walked by with a rich and delicious-looking drink, extolling the virtues of the "black and white," a vanilla milkshake doused with chocolate syrup. Even the Pale Rider changes his mind, sometimes.

On the way home, crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge, the Pale Rider felt an intense pain in his lower to mid upper abdominal regions. At first he thought it was just the normal process of digestion, but then, in the distance, he heard the faint but undeniable laugh of his arch nemesis, Barbara Walters. She must have slipped something into his milkshake!

The ride home was filled with pain and many bathroom stops, and the Pale Rider knew he had been deceived this time. Barbara Walters won the battle, but she would not win the war.


  1. best margherita I've seen in a long time -- your office bromance

  2. Disagree with your office bromance. That pizza doesnt go well with the helmet. Get a white pie next time. A helmet will protect you from cab drivers. A pizza will protect you from.......see if I couldnt make that sentence work no one can.

    -- Yankee poodle pooh

  3. Kristin enjoyed the saga but wonders why The Pale Rider referred to himself in the third person in this episode.